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Medical debt can wipe you out fast. And you may not have seen it coming. Medical bills are complicated and indecipherable for most patients. Unexpected bills from providers you didn’t even know existed can start rolling in after you thought you had paid all your bills. Insurance may refuse to pay for treatment you thought was covered. Your account may be sent to collections before you get a final answer from the insurance company on what they will and will not pay. The chain of events and financial devastation caused by medical debt can quickly spiral out of control.

Medical debt collection can ruin your credit. You may be sued, and you may even face wage garnishment and liens.

West Virginia consumer protection attorney Jeff Mehalic can help. When Jeff represents you, you no longer have to deal directly with the debt collectors. They will have to go through him. You can stop the whirlwind. If you are facing medical debt collection in Morgantown, Wheeling, Martinsburg or other area in West Virginia, contact Mehalic Law today online or at 304-346-3462 to schedule your free consultation.

To Protect Yourself, Call Jeff Before Talking to Debt Collectors

There is a statute of limitations on medical debt in West Virginia, and debt collectors are notorious for trying to collect on old debts and succeeding. If a debt collector tries to sue you for a medical debt that has passed the statute of limitations, you can fight it. The problem is, most debtors inadvertently restart the statute of limitations when communicating with debt collectors. It is easy to do without knowing what you have done, and debt collectors use high-pressure tactics to trick you into it.

To protect yourself, talk to Jeff before talking to debt collectors.

This Will Not Go Away on Its Own

explanation of benefits medical formYou cannot pretend this is not happening. You cannot decide to deal with it later. Medical bills are overwhelming and, when you feel certain that you can’t pay, it is tempting to just set it aside to think about later. But these bills will roll over you quickly, ruining your credit and costing you far more than if you had done something right away.

If you tackle it immediately, you may be able to settle the debt for far less than the collector is demanding, and in some cases, you may not owe it at all. Often, the amount stated by the collector is wrong, or there are other problems with the demands. But if you sit back and do nothing it is the same as agreeing that you owe. You have to stand up for yourself now. Jeff is here to stand up for you.

Medical bills are complicated and confusing, by design. Mehalic Law PLLC can help you get incorrect amounts corrected, negotiate a settlement for less than what the debt collector is demanding and help you establish a payment plan you can keep up with. If the debt is invalid, Jeff can prove it so that you do not have to pay.

Ignoring medical debt collection can have very serious consequences, even if the debt is invalid:

  • Debt goes on your credit report, ruining your credit
  • Debt collector can sue you and obtain a judgment against you, which also goes on your credit report
  • Your may be saddled with wage garnishment, making your financial situation worse than it is already
  • You could also face liens

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Once you hire Jeff, the debt collector will have to deal with him, not with you, giving you relief from the calls and letters. To schedule your free consultation and learn more, call Mehalic Law PLLC at 304-346-3462 or complete the form on this page today. Mehalic Law serves clients from Morgantown, Wheeling, Martinsburg and throughout West Virginia.