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When dealing with banks, credit card companies, brokers and other service providers and businesses, you always take a risk. There are laws in place to protect you, but it is very common for businesses to ignore these laws, knowing that they can make a lot of money off of consumers who do not notice the breach or choose not to take action.

These companies can be very deceptive, and you may not even realize that you are being cheated. Sometimes you know something is wrong, but you can’t put your finger on it. You’re hemorrhaging money, but it’s unclear why.

couple reviewing loan documentIf you suspect that you are a victim of consumer fraud, West Virginia consumer protection attorney Jeff Mehalic can help. Even if you are not sure if you have a claim, but feel like something is not right, please call Mehalic Law PLLC at 304-346-3462 to discuss your case for free. We welcome clients from Morgantown, Wheeling, Martinsburg and other areas throughout West Virginia.

Jeff will look at all of the facts and documentation in your case to determine if you are being cheated and if you are, he will fight aggressively for your rights. And you do not need to worry about paying attorneys’ fees out of pocket.

West Virginia law dictates that, if you win, the defendant pays for your attorney and court costs.

Types of Consumer Law Cases We Handle

Examples of the types of consumer law cases we handle include:

  • Predatory lending
  • Loan packing
  • Fraudulent insurance practices
  • Hidden, undisclosed, excessive or inappropriate fees
  • Deal packing
  • Loan flipping
  • Equity stripping
  • Other types of consumer fraud

Undisclosed Fees

hidden fees on a credit cardSometimes fees are straightforward, expected, and reasonable, even if they do sting. But hidden or excessive fees can add up fast sending you into a financial downward spiral. Examples of hidden fees for which you may be able to recover compensation include:

  • Bank fees deducted from your account
  • Credit card fees included in your monthly statement
  • ATM fees
  • Inactivity fees charged by your credit card company or bank
  • Hidden fees added to your bill by your phone, internet or cable provider
  • Hidden travel fees such as those charged by airlines rental car companies or hotels
  • Internet memberships or services
  • Fees for subscription-based services
  • Undisclosed fees charged by financial professionals, such as brokers

Predatory Lending in West Virginia

Predatory lending can cost you your home and your dreams. And, it is far too common. Whether you were misled about the repayment terms or have fallen victim to one of the many common fraudulent lending schemes, you can stand up to predatory lenders, and Jeff Mehalic is here to help. Examples include:

  • Equity stripping – when a lender makes a loan based on your home equity without regard for your ability to make the payments
  • Bait and switch – you are offered favorable terms, but when you close the terms are changed
  • False appraisal and offer of an equity loan you cannot afford to repay
  • Insurance packing – including unnecessary, unwanted or useless insurance coverage as a part of your loan
  • Loan flipping – continually refinancing when you do not need it, and charging fees each time you refinance

Get the Consumer Protection You Need

Learn more about your rights and potential compensation starting with your free initial consultation with consumer protection attorney Jeff Mehalic. If you have a case and Jeff represents you, you do not have to worry about gambling even more money on trying to win back the money you have already been cheated out of. If Jeff wins money for you, your attorneys’ fees will be paid by the settlement or awarded by the court.

Contact Mehalic Law PLLC online or at 304-346-3462 today to get started. We serve Morgantown, Wheeling, Martinsburg and other areas throughout West Virginia.