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Posted: January 03, 2020
Few feelings can be as gutting as realizing the car you just bought is a lemon. After spending countless hours researching vehicles, test-driving, and securing your finances, the last thing you want is for your car to break down the second you drive it off the lot. This blog from consumer… Read Full Post
Posted: September 30, 2019
There are few feelings worse than finding out that the vehicle you just purchased is defective. Buying a "lemon" can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on top of the original sale price. It can also cause serious injuries or fatalities if your car fails while you're driving it. To… Read Full Post
Posted: August 18, 2019
I am contacted frequently by people who have bought used cars that turn out to have more or different problems than the seller disclosed. Often, I can help them, sometimes I can’t. But anyone considering buying a used car in West Virginia (or who has bought one recently) needs to know about a law… Read Full Post