Debt Collection Violations

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Posted: April 20, 2020
You need to be aware that if you receive a stimulus payment under the federal CARES Act by direct deposit or deposit it yourself, debt collectors in West Virginia may be able to seize or garnish some or all of those funds to satisfy a judgment. That's what happened to Cheri and Seth Long, whose… Read Full Post
Posted: December 30, 2019
Few things in life cause more stress than paying a debt. If you fall behind on payments, debt collectors may start to contact you, which leads to its own set of headaches. Although debt collectors do have the right to contact you about your debt, these efforts are subject to certain rules. Many… Read Full Post
Posted: November 11, 2019
Being contacted by a debt collector is scary. You already feel the pressure of falling behind on payments, and someone reaching out to you about what you owe creates additional stress. The law does protect creditors' rights to collect the money they are owed. However, debtors also have rights,… Read Full Post
Posted: August 28, 2019
Medical debt is one of the biggest blights afflicting American consumers today. Because injuries and illnesses can happen without warning, you may not be financially prepared when you incur substantial medical expenses. You may also get unexpected bills or be denied insurance for something you… Read Full Post
Posted: August 23, 2019
If you're being bombarded with calls from debt collectors, you may not know if their practices are illegal. This infographic breaks down what creditors are not allowed to do to try to collect a debt. Schedule Your Morgantown Debt Collection Harassment Lawyer Consultation Today Attorney Jeff… Read Full Post
Posted: August 11, 2019
Thanks to The Walking Dead and a generation of horror movies that came before it, most everyone has heard of zombies. But not everyone has heard of zombie debt, which is debt that is dead because it's uncollectible, but can be brought back to life through improper or illegal actions of the debt… Read Full Post
Posted: July 30, 2019
I want to share an alarming article in the Houston Chronicle last week that talks about the drastic increase in the number of debt-collection cases filed in Texas courts, even though the Texas economy is doing great. Many of the cases are filed by debt buyers, which are companies that buy debt… Read Full Post