Auto Accidents

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Posted: September 24, 2020
Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens aged 15 to 20. What a teen driver rides with other passengers, their risk of being involved in a fatal traffic wreck doubles. While obtaining a driver’s license and riding with friends is a rite of passage in the U.S., it is also a very risky… Read Full Post
Posted: August 31, 2020
Pain and suffering is an ambiguous term. Most people are familiar with these types of damages in a personal injury claim, but how is the monetary value of these losses calculated? If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, how much compensation should you seek for your pain and suffering? Car accident… Read Full Post
Posted: August 24, 2020
Informal studies have estimated that most car accident settlements range between $14,000 to $28,000, making the average settlement for a motor vehicle accident claim about $21,000. It’s important to note, however, that settlements are typically higher when the accident involves severe or permanent… Read Full Post
Posted: February 24, 2020
The idea of meeting with a personal injury attorney can be scary if you've never done it before. With everything you have to deal with in the aftermath of your injury, from getting medical treatment to filing an insurance claim, approaching an attorney can be intimidating. Morgantown personal… Read Full Post